bsu-102639Creative processes of composed/improvised/memorized traditions

Perspectives from composers/listeners/performers, including historical, analytical, psychological, pedagogical and philosophical;

Notated/recorded/live music including embodied and gestural approaches, the role of technology in experimentation, auditory streaming, visual music, multimedia, social media, intertextuality and intermediality;

Contexts of performance: performer/audience relationships, community music, music and familiarity, people and places.

Performance pedagogies: cross-cultural approaches to learning
A special session on ‘Performance pedagogies: cross-cultural approaches to learning’, led by Dr Henry Stobart (Royal Holloway, University of London), will investigate global perspectives on music performance with contributions from Chartwell Dutiro (Zimbabwean mbira), Dr Hyelim Kim (Korean taegŭm flute), Dr Mary Stakelum (Bath Spa University) and Cheng Yu (Chinese pipa/Qu-chin).