Professor Neil Heyde will lead a keynote session with the Kreutzer Quartet on ‘Inventing an ensemble identity’. This will explore the Quartet’s long-term relationship with Professor Michael Finnissy (University of Southampton) in building a repertoire, and it will also detail the Quartet’s experience in commissioning a new work from Dr Laurie Bamon which responds to textural ideas of presence and absence. A concert featuring these composers’ works will be given on Saturday 16 July.

5126-fitandcrop-890x502Professor Peter Wiegold will lead a keynote session ‘Leadership and ownership’ which will include a performance by his ensemble, Notes Inégales, featuring guest artists Hyelim Kim (Korean taegŭm flute) and Cheng Yu (Chinese pipa/Qu-chin). This session will investigate shared practice across boundaries, notions of leadership and layers of ownership.