17 July 2016

Session 7A Creative experimentation and cross-modality

  • Catherine Laws:  Piano personae: performance, subjectivity and experimentation
  • Tanja Orning: Action notation and prescriptive notation in music by Morton Feldman, Helmut Lachenmann, Klaus K. Hübler, and Simon Steen-Andersen
  • Abigail Sperling: Cassandra’s Dream Song: notational nightmare or Interpretive opportunity?
  • Shen Li, Renee Timmers: Investigating the cross-modal relationship between music and motion in a musical production context

Session  7B Conditions of performance

  • Agata Kubiak: How did the use of an electric instrument and sound modifying tools such as guitar pedals influence rehearsals and performance of classical music repertoire in Hyper Production research project?
  • James Edward Armstrong: The impact of environment and space on musical performance: an interdisciplinary study

Session 7C Networking technologies

  • Christofer Jost: Professionalism as performance style: music amateurs on YouTube and the implementation of artistic standards
  • Michael Rofe, David Prior, John Pickard, Federico Reuben and Jon Hargreaves: The online orchestra