15 July 2016

Session 3A Analysis and performance

  • Mine Dogantan-Dack: Embodying musical dynamics in performance: a case study of Beethoven’s Piano Trio Op. 70 No. 2
  • David Kopp:  Does analysis matter?
  • Danny Zhou (Hui):  Playing with/ in tempo: individual styles of tempo variation in the performance of solo piano music
  • Michael Hooper:  Questions of performance and analysis

Session 3B  From composition to performance: new sounds and techniques

  • Varvara Gyra:  The ‘praxismetapraxis’ concept:towards a musical performance beyond logic by Jani Christou (paper; slides)
  • Luís Bittencourt: Epistemic complexity and creativity in the performance of percussion works for found objects
  • Susanne Fröhlich:  The recorder in the 21st century: the Helder Tenor in the field of tension between science and performance practice (research report)

Session 3C  Cross-cultural/transdisciplinary collaborations

  • Alice Barron:  Liberating the score: notation as a platform to locate creative processes in cross-cultural collaborative practice
  • Hyelim Kim: Universal languages in Nongum: Intercultural dialogue between the East and the West
  • Caroline Wilkins:  Practising research in co-composition: sound and performance (paper; slides)
  • Nick Sorensen:  Transitioning ‘Eleonora’: an auto-ethnographic account of site specific trans-disciplinary collaboration.

Session 3D  Recording practices

  • Alessandro Bratus, Alessandro Cecchi, Marco Lutzu and Ingrid Pustijanac:  From the event to the project: performativity and performance in recorded music (paper)
  • Anthony Meynell: Re-creation of The Byrds’ ‘Eight Miles High’. Using re-enactment to recapture historical recording practices
  • Benoît Haug:  How can non-social anthropology help us better understand the collective experience of musical performance? A case study in the recording studio (paper)

Session 4A Liveness and Flow

  • Richard Hoadley:  Live performance with live scores
  • James Parakilas: The flow of notes and the ‘flow’ of  consciousness (paper)

Session 4B Folk Traditions

  • John Yaffé:  Performing the Yiddish folk song: a repetoire finally steps into the light
  • Ingfrid Breie Nyhus:  A play with traditions – interpreting and performing between folk and pianism

Sessions 4C  Recording Practices II

  • Richard Beaudoin, Simon Zagorski- Thomas, Andrew Bourbon, Amy Blier-Carruthers and Neil Heyde:  Bacchante: an analysis of a production of a performance of a composition based on a transcription of a recording.